California WellBeing Center: A Signature Experience

In July 2006, David Murdock opened a wellness complex adjacent to the Dole worldwide headquarters in Westlake Village, California. The complex features a Four Seasons Hotel & Spa and houses the California Wellbeing Institute, which includes a healthy lifestyle teaching center, medical facilities with complete diagnostic capabilities, and a television production studio.

One of the PR releases stated:

"WellPoint, Inc. and David H. Murdock, Chairman & CEO of Dole Food Company, have forged a partnership to create the first of its kind, mixed use facility bringing luxury to the wellness market. The California WellBeing Institute at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, California offers a unique chance to take a vacation that will not only be restful, but will also help you to revolutionize how you live your life, and how you treat your body. A combination of spa, medical, wellness and nutritional services from highly trained experts come together in this beautiful setting at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, to help you analyze how you live your life, and how you could change it to assure health and well being for years to come. Spend your days at the relaxing and inspiring WellBeing Institute, and your nights in complete comfort at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel that shares the stunning park like grounds. A vacation in a peaceful and beautiful place to relax and be pampered, while teaching you how to take that feeling of well being, and rejuvenate your everyday life."

This website,, was created to promote the California WellBeing Center, David Murdoch’s vision of a spa dedicated to the perfect balance of opulence and healthy living. It was live for a little more than a year and then the domain expired and the site disappeared from the WWW. The California Wellbeing Institute evolved into what is now called California Health & Longevity Institute. The philosophy is basically the same offering a seamless integration of evidence-based medicine with qualified experts and programs designed to improve health and wellness for individuals and organizations. Only the name has changed along with a new website: If you are intriqued by what you read here about a luxury spa that offers a holistic approach to healthy living that unites renowned experts in the fields of Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness, Life Balance and Spa, visit the California Health & Longevity Institute website.

I visited the California WellBeing Institute at Four Seasons Hotel when it was first built. I was attending a retreat sponsored by the custom software development company I work for. It was a great perk, let me tell you. We had just come off of a very successful year and the owner wanted to use this retreat not only as a bonding experience, but also to discuss plans going forward. I had worked on projects the past year in a variety of industries and market places ranging from construction, education, healthcare, retail, to a large-scale food service and catering company. All these clients tend to required more customized application development, because of their specific needs that wereoutside the scope of COTS programs. Off-the-shelf programs rarely integrate with each other, so we come in and create custom software to streamline and have all data and communications flow smoothly and efficiently. What I remember the most about the retreat was the pampering. Yes we did accomplish a lot of work, I did attend the various consults and analysis about my life style and how I could choose to change it, but most of all was the experience of complete blissful pampering.

When I recently discovered that the domain of was available, I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. California WellBeing Center now called the California Health & Longevity Institute is well worth knowing about.


David H. Murdock
"I want everyone to understand the importance of the Institute... We’ve opened the door to research that will help everyone lead longer, healthier lives."
David H. Murdock


The Blending of Health and Luxury



Tucked into the Santa Monica foothills and outlined by giant sequoia trees, this exceptional 20-acre complex is an oasis from the bustle of Los Angeles. Built to the highest standards of luxury, the California WellBeing Institute and Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village covers more than 20 lush acres, with cascading waterfalls and pristine gardens.

The California WellBeing Institute gives you the power and tools you need to revolutionize your life. In a place like no other, you will collaborate with a team of experts committed to your health and well-being. Our programs will help you redesign your lifestyle and develop habits so that you can live like you're 40, until you're 100!

California WellBeing Institute (CWI) is a unique lifestyle-transformation center that combines the art of living well with the 21st century science of living longer. Brought together into one beautiful location in Southern California, CWI is A Place with all the resources you need to make lasting, positive changes to your life.


Like No Other Spa Experience



The first of its kind in the world: a combination of unique facilities brought together to create a life-changing experience. A wellbeing center complete with elegant workshop and consultation rooms and demonstration kitchen combined with a state-of-the-art, preventive-care medical clinic with the latest diagnostic radiology equipment, and a science-based, luxurious rejuvenation Spa. 

  • State-of-the-art medical clinic
  • Elegant workshop rooms and private consultation rooms
  • Fully-equipped healthy-eating demonstration kitchen
  • Four Seasons Hotel accommodations
  • Gorgeous conference facilities
  • Science-based rejuvenation spa
  • Fully-equipped fitness center
  • Twenty acres of relaxing, pristine gardens and cascading waterfalls
  • Television studio onsite for healthy-living programming


California WellBeing Center



Exclusive to CWI, every Signature Experience includes a 360-Degree exploration of your life. Consultations with a physician, nutritionist, and LifeAdvisor; a spa treatment of your choice; and fitness, nutrition, and inner living workshops are part of every package, providing a fully-integrated approach to living better, longer

Our WellBeing Center is the cornerstone for your experience at the California WellBeing Institute. Housing our staff of LifeAdvisors and lifestyle-change experts, here you can experience interactive, fun workshops on nutrition, fitness and inner-living themes. Discover something new about yourself that will change your whole perspective about healthy living. A comfortable relaxed elegance allows you the space to consider your priorities. Open your life up to new possibilities.

Workshop and Consultation Rooms

Comfortable, elegant, rooms in The WellBeing Center are used for workshops and private sessions with the LifeAdvisors. You will feel like you're at home with people who know you, surrounded by beautiful artwork and furnishings.

The Library and The Study

Filled with a "curated" collection of the best books and media on nutrition, fitness, health, longevity and a variety of inner-living topics, the Library is an extravagant resource for our guests. The Study houses several wi-fi computers that are available for research on healthy-living topics as well as the location for taking the LifeQuality Profile assessment.

Chef's Dining Room

Like any kitchen, the Chef's Dining Room is centrally-located as the hub of the WellBeing Center home. Equipped with a gorgeous, state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen and a dining table that seats 12, the Chef's Dining Room is used for all of our nutrition workshops and events. This is the place where gourmet and delicious meets healthy and nutritious.

The Living Room

An inviting fireplace, comfortable couches, sitting chairs, refreshments await you and your friends in this inviting gathering space. Workshops and casual consultations with LifeAdvisors will take place here throughout the day. With doors opening to the courtyard and connected with the Chef's Dining Room, the Living Room can be converted for private receptions and events.

The Spa Cafe

Deliciously light natural organic foods are always just a step away at The Spa Café, our soup and juice bar.


Home, Body and Soul, our premiere retail boutique, has everything you need to pamper your home, body and soul in true luxury. The store will provide our guest with the finest swimwear, workout wear, yoga wear, designer clothing, fine jewelry and related accessories for both men and women. Antique furniture, gorgeous home accessories and artwork will be available for the collector with a discerning eye. A selection of gifts, healthy-living books, and a red wine-tasting bar with gourmet healthy foods turns shopping into an experience in itself. 

The Orchid Spa Store, an extension of the best spa experience in the world, you can purchase products used in our spa treatments and much more. The highest-quality mineral-based cosmetic line will also be available for sale, sample and make-overs. An in-store Wolford boutique caters to the woman who covets the best in lingerie, bodysuits and loungewear. A men's spa section and a unique assortment of spa accessories complete our soothing and sumptuous selection of spa must-haves.


Meetings &  Conferences

With the rising cost of health care, many innovative businesses and groups are seeking solution-focused approaches to energizing their employees’ health and wellbeing. The California WellBeing Institute's WellBeing for Business programs can assist you in this mission through educating and engaging your employees to achieve their own lifestyle and career goals while improving retention, absenteeism and productivity for the company.


Wellbeing for Business



A health-focused business can improve recruiting, save money on healthcare costs, and inspire the greatest creativity, productivity and passionate involvement from your employees.  CWI offers business packages, customized for your group, that promote scientifically-based healthy lifestyles ranging from individual add-on electives to company-wide six-month programs.  Add purpose to your regularly-scheduled sales and business meetings with a well-being theme and uniquely integrated healthy-living experiences.  Designed for groups of 8 to 250 people, CWI's WellBeing for Business programs target both your employee's personal health and well-being goals as well as your goals for a healthy corporate culture.

With a plethora of available activities, we can happily accommodate spouses during conferences and events. They can enjoy the spa, take a cooking course, and even meet with a LifeAdvisor.

LifeKitchen for Private Parties

Immerse your group in a world of fine dining that's also healthy. During this two-hour session, experience a delectable meal with an expert dietitian in our private demonstration kitchen. Each session will feature new, delicious and nutrition-rich foods from around the globe prepared in a picturesque and appetizing setting. Learn new preparation techniques, savor the foods, and leave inspired to cook and eat in a new way.

Strategies for Healthy Eating Luncheon

This program turns a necessary business meal into an event with purpose. An incredible and healthy gourmet luncheon is hosted by one of our expert registered dietitians, who will help your group take a closer look at their eating habits and begin eating in a new way. The inspiration meal is designed to help guests learn how their eating choices can lead to a healthier and longer life, with the benefit of maintaining a normal weight.

State of Readiness

This four-hour program defines and educates businesspeople to assess and adjust their responsiveness to any performance scenario in order to achieve higher results. They'll learn the behaviors and lifestyle changes to keep energy and brainpower, at peak performance.

All-Inclusive Retreat

Not merely a retreat to "take a break" from outside living, this collection of experiences at CWI is designed to set guests on a journey to live a longer, more fulfilling life, permanently. 

Your group will have the exclusive use of the entire California WellBeing Institute. This private and comprehensive experience includes all the greater offerings of the California WellBeing Institute.

Living Better, Living Longer Motivational Speakers

Personal development is one of the hottest topics far outside the boundaries of the Institute. For an absolutely engaging presentation of interest to all your attendees, let the California WellBeing Institute assist you in selecting the best speaker or facilitator for your event. The CWI speakers cover a wide range of topics related to well being and healthy-living including: nutrition, fitness, inner living, personal change and integrative health.

Clinical Services

The physicians at the Clinic have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available. We can provide guests with a snapshot of their physical health and then teach them how to repair and strengthen their bodies. A comprehensive approach to the executive physical integrating state-of-the-art diagnostics with healthy living programs that delivers a unique well-being experience.

Individual Electives

Offer your attendees a menu of sessions integrating food and nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional health, clinical services, and spa treatments. Targeted programs can help employees with personal challenges such as obesity issues, smoking addictions, and stress management.

Offsite Excursions

An oasis from the bustle of Los Angeles, we are but a short drive from golf courses, sailing, shopping, world-class museums and more.